Paolo Zebolino

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Paolo Zebolino was born in Genoa (Italy).

As a teen, he played guitar in various garage bands while studying classical guitar with Eli Tagore. Gradually he started developing an interest for traditional and medieval music and approaching new instruments like the Greek bouzouki, the Turkish saz, the Arabic oud and, primarily, the hurdy-gurdy. The latter, alongside the guitar, became his main instrument. Exploring those musical territories, in the 1990s he started touring extensively, in Italy and internationally, with the early music ensemble Solilunio.

In 2001 he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, in order to study hurdy-gurdy technique, modal music theory and medieval singing with his mentor: René Zosso. Paolo also graduated Medieval History at the University of Genoa, earned a Master degree in Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Geneva and a specialist certificate at Berklee College of Music of Boston. He also specialised in the Orff-Schulwerk music teaching method.

Paolo has also composed theatre music, played as actor (for the Geneva University Theatre) and performed as on-stage musician.

His interest in different types of modal music (medieval, traditional, Indian, contemporary, jazz…) led to collaborations ranging from early music, through traditional music, to contemporary improvised music.

The early years

Eli Tagore

With René Zosso in Geneva

Fin'Amor Trio


MEDuLA (2014)

LINkES (2014)

Fail Again Fail Beckett (2014)

San Isidro Futbol Club (2012)

Shakespeare Horror Suite (2006)

Don Juan (2008)

Imbroglio (2009)

Le Chevrefoil (2010)