Paolo Zebolino

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(This section is still under construction)

Superlux PRA-383D XLR clip-on condenser microphone. Super cardioid pattern (40Hz-18kHz).

The signal follows the following path:

  • Digitech The Drop
  • ProCo RAT
  • Malekko Omicron Comp
  • Ernie Ball VP Jr 25k
  • Electro-Harmonix Freeze
  • Line6 Echo Park
  • Boss RC-3 Loop Station
  • Bright Onions Pedals Kill Switch
  • HardWire Supernatural
  • Radial Pro D2

The pedalboard is a Pedaltrain Jr powered by a Cioks Schizophrenic Link power supply.

Planet Waves Solderless and Mooer cables.

Roland Mobile Cube.

For small gigs, when it is not necessary to have a PA.